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迷惑をかけられる translation

Tell me please, in this sentence what is 迷惑をかけられる means ? Is it possible to be(迷惑をかけることができる) or just passive ?

Sentence: 無理をするな、さらに失敗して仕事を増やすな・・・・・・と忠告したはずだが、何故こうも見事に人に迷惑をかけられるのが理解しがたい
Thank you very much for your help!

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    it is hard to tell which in some contexts like this, since both passive and potential forms share the same form in a case of RU-verb.
    the focus is on the one who troubles others if it’s potential, while the focus is on the troubled if it’s passive.
    here, the writer seems to focus on personality or character of the one who troubles others rather than the one troubled by them .
    the sentence can be put as
    ‘it is hard to understand how he/she could possibly trouble others(人に) beautifully like this?’
    I would see it rather as potential 「かけられる」. as you noticed, it is not about ability but sort of possibility.
    「迷惑をかけることができる」is also possible here, I think it is a bit less common though.


    I agree kanya-san.
    かけられる here is the potential form. So, you're right. It means かけることができる。This statement is quite sarcastic.

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