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Which books do you use in studying Japanese ?

there are alot of Japanese learning books out there and I myself have few but i wanted to know what do most people out here use ? because as well all know it there are some books in the market that i really find them USELESS and i feel really bad for wasting my money :( :(

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    This book has been helping me learn Japanese grammars:

    'A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar' by Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui.

    I downloaded ebooks/pdf of it from the internet.
    Hope this was helpful! ^_^

    My apologies for the exclamation point, but his website/book is very under-rated, yet has remained *the* most helpful resource my sister and I have ever found for learning real Japanese. Tim teaches English in Japan and teaches Japanese based on the assumption that you want to learn to speak naturally, with the focus on verbs.
    His explanations are straightforward, example sentences are clear and natural, and (unlike most books) he doesn't only cover polite forms, but everything from business-formal to punk-casual.
    Great thing is, he didn't remove his site after publishing his books, so you can use all the material online before deciding to buy the book, if you want. I love both having the book and having easy access on my computer. ^_^
    Here is his site: (most material on the "verbs" page)
    And here's his book on Amazon for less than $20:
    Hope that helps!
    p.s. I've also tried Tae Kim and he's really good; the site is nicely organized and covers a lot of ground. I still wound up coming back to Tim-sensei's book, though. ^_^;

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