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Indonesia語だったら、for example: [Mister] Indonesian can speak [Bapak].
If we call that Bapak with "Pak" it isn't false... ex: Pak, do you have a minute?

in Japanese, I think if we call "Sensei" just with "~sei" it's false.. I know it, but I don't know the reason suitable with Nihongo Grammer.. Anyone can give me that reason? by linguistic theory maybe?


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    Just remember '' sensei '' is one word to mean those who teach. Even when we use this word '' sensei '' as a title, we always use the word '' sensei '' ( not just '' sen '' or '' sei ''). '' Sei '' as in '' sensei '' ( as a title meaning a '' teacher '' in this case ) is something like '' nesia '' as in '' Indonesia ''. In JAPANESE, '' sei '' doesn't mean '' sensei '' explicitly or implicitly in any situations.

    Japanese usually call people with title. For example, Lily san, Lily kun, Lily sensei, Lily shachou. However, people call without title when they are very close, or they are angry. You can call Lily sensei, or just sensei is ok, But you can not call sei, because sensei is a title.


    Sensei is noun.If you say 'sei',I hear like 'cher' not teacher.

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