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How to you incorporate verbs into other verbs?

In Turkish, I struggle to use verbs past the basic "I am doing", "I am watching", "I am walking".

I want to learn to advance my verbs now, in these 2 ways:

1) It is [adjective] to do [verb]
2) I am [verb] to do [verb]

1. For example, I am struggling to learn. I want to go. I like walking.
I think that 'I want to go' = gitmek istiyorum.
But I'm wondering if there is some rule regarding "istemek", "yapmak" and "etmek", whereby you use the full verb before, gitmek istiyorum, instead of gitmeyem istiyorum or something.

Can anyone explain how this works? And also, could you give me an example of "I am struggling to learn":

I am struggling to learn.
She struggled to learn.

2. It is fun to write. It is boring to work. Walking is nice.

I have no idea how to write these. Can you tell me these, and is possible, lay out the basic equation so I can do it myself with other verbs?

Sorry to ask such a massive q, but I'm really trying to get to grips with this now!

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