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can someone translate this for me please?? Thank you in advance :)

oo mka afford ko nganuman? palag????????????????!!!! bullshit.... kung mka pangutana wagasss,!!!

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    sure:) here's in english!

    "yes! i can afford anything ! bullshit!

    some words are in their mother tongue or native words..

    That's bisaya.
    oo = yes
    mka = can
    afford = afford
    ko = me
    nganuman = why?/why do you ask?

    -->Yes, I can afford. Why do you ask?

    palag = to disagree

    -->Do you disagree?

    kung mka pangutana wagas,!!!
    pangutana = question/to ask a question
    I'm not sure how do I translate the other words.. sorry..
    But as what I understand, I the speaker is bothered or annoyed by someone. Bothered by the questions asked by the other person.
    The speaker is also speaking colloquially.

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