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Difference between 'хотеть' and 'хотеться'.

I know that in general they both mean to want, but I don't quite understand how you know when to choose one over the other. For example, is there any difference between:

я хочу смотреть телевизор and Мне хочется смотреть телевизор ?

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    "Хотеть" is a verb directed at something.
    "Хотеться" is a reflexive verb and it goes by itself or directed at self.

    For example: "я хочу есть"/ "I DO want to eat", it's my active desire.
    "Мне хочется есть" / "I have a strong desire to eat". So, it's not my active doing, it's just what I'm thinking about right now.

    хотеть = you want something consciously
    хотеться = something is wanted by itself, even if your mind is against it

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