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Different ways of saying I'm sorry.

Is there another way of saying I'm sorry besides "pardon"?

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    Il y'en a plusieurs.

    Excusez-moi -- excuse me
    Je m'excuse - I excuse myself
    Désolé - litterally sorry
    Je suis désolé - I am sorry

    Less frequent
    Pardonnez-moi - pardon me
    Pardons-moi - pardon me (informal)

    There is this one that is also used a lot:
    "I apologize"

    It can be also said in a sentence-> "I apologize for what I have done."
    Hope this helped ^_^

    Je suis désolé.
    Je suis vraiment désolé. (stronger.)
    You will use this one if you hurt someone (feelings) .

    Pardon and excusez moi when you push someone.

    Pardons-moi (faux) et Je m'excuse à ne jamais dire.
    You ask someone to fogive you....You dont do it yourself

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