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What they say?

I want to understand what people say in this video ( from 0:19 to 0:23, and from 00:46 to 0:50, and from 01:15 to 01:17, and from 01:49 to 01:54, and from 02:25 to 02:28.

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    In order:

    "Yeah, I always let you pick the movie; you know I've been wanting to see this!" He wants to choose the movie instead of the girl.

    "Woah, this Jeremy Lin kid is coming out of nowhere!" Jeremy Lin is a basketball player; she's talking about how famous he's become.

    "Sarah's never sent ME flowers..." He's jealous that his girlfriend didn't give him anything.

    "Awe, baby, I look at you! Hey, when'd (when did) you get a moustache?" She's being dismissive of his concern while eating, and then she says something that clearly means she hasn't looked at him in a LONG time.

    "Can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to watch The Bachelor." He wants them to be quiet because he's watching a tv show.

    The video, if you didn't fully realize, is switching gender stereotypes of men and women in American dating culture (for humor, I suppose).

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