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Pronunciation Problem : 거스름돈 & 차값

Anyone knows why "거스름돈" is pronounced as , and "차값" is pronounced as ?

They are stated in my book but without explanation...
Is there a general rule to be followed???
Just like "ㅂ" is pronounced "ㅁ" when it comes before "ㄴ ㅁ ㄹ"...

Thank you!
Please tell me, I'm so desperate to know why... Hahaha...
I've searched through the net but still couldn't get relevant information..

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    Because that's easy to pronounce.
    거스름(change) + 돈(money)
    If you try saying 돈[don] after 름[rʌm] then you will understand why.
    Also, 차(a car, bus, taxi, train) + 값(price, money, fee, fare, in this case, fare) or
    차(tea, coffee, etc..) + 값(price)

    Pronounce 차(cha) then 값(gap)
    It will be much easier to say 거스름돈[gʌsrʌm-ddon] than 거스름돈[gʌsrmdon]
    and 차값[tʃaggap] than 차값[chagap]

    Actually, we usually use 차비 instead of 차값(fare).

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