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Are "built-ins "the "kitchen cabinets?"

[When the fabricators misread the dimensions of her kitchen, the built-ins came out seven inches short. It could have been a disaster, Ms. Horowitz said. Instead, she designed a shoe closet, a nifty sliding cabinet she demonstrated prettily. She keeps her “city” clothes here, and duplicates of her cosmetics.]

1. Are "built-ins "the "kitchen cabinets?"
2. what does "duplicates" mean?

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    In general, the word "built-in(s)" is not limited to cabinets. Maybe the built-ins are cabinets. Maybe they are closets. Maybe there are built-in lamps on the wall. We don't know.

    "duplicates" means an object that is identical to another object. So it appears that Ms. Horowitz has at least two of some or all of the cosmetics she uses.

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