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Basic sentence examples

This will make me sound whiny and dumb but I'm going to ask it anyway... is there any kind of resource for, like, kids who are learning Turkish? Because most of the content available is just too advanced for me and completely overloads me with dozens of rules at once.

I'm not looking for "1,2,3", "red, blue, green" basic. I'm looking for something on the level of a sentence that contains two parts. At the moment I'm trying to build sentences that merge two verbs together, as in "I am trying to work", "I am going to buy food", etc. Most of the websites available seem to be more advanced than this and I can't really get my head around them.

So I'm looking for a website that is aimed at kids, I suppose? Any advice? Thanks.

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    1- I found this website/program, but it may be too basic for you:

    2- Maybe these books can help you:

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