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Why is 한국 not an adjective? (e.g. 한국 음식)

This is something I was thinking about today and it surprised me that it isn't an adjective(?) but just a word you throw in there. Could someone explain to me what kind of word it is, please?

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    한국 음식 is food from Korea or Korean origin.
    Think about English word, a tennis ball.
    tennis isn't adjective, but is used as adjective.
    We use lots of words that way.
    미국 사람, 네덜란드 사람, 밥 그릇(bowl), 집 사람(house wife, especially refers my wife)
    You can use nearly all nouns that way.
    Noun(1) + Noun(2) = Noun(2) related to Noun(1)

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