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What is the meaning of Chindi Chor?

I know it is a swear word or bad word. But I am just feeling to know the real meaning of that word in Hindi.
If it has any english equivalent . The list of the meanings of swear words i want to know are
1. Chindhi chor
2. bhadwe
3. bhaadkou
4. bhosdike ( does this mean asshole?)
5. gaandu ( does this mean asshole too??)
6. cheepde panthi kaamaan mat kar ( does this mean " dont act like a stupid?? )

If somebody feels it is offensive please ignore. Those who feel that you can answer please do.
I can teach bad words in my language if you want to :P
Thanks bye.

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    Chindi chor is used to describe a "cheap" person and by cheap i mean stingy with money!

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