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Chinese TV series

I am looking for popular Chinese TV series to help me improve my listening.

Any suggestions? The funnier the better!

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    PPS where you could find what you want,firstly you have to download the application,but the web is in Chinese


    someone recommended to me a program call" you are the one" or something similar to that.
    its a chinese dating show and they do alot of introducing themselves and asking questions which can be quite helpful

    a TV series which is very popular in China


    Funnier, 如果想要有趣点的,可以考虑卡通comic。生活对话的卡通有许多,小叮当就蛮不错。


    Funnier, 如果想要有趣点的,可以考虑卡通comic。生活对话的卡通有许多,小叮当就蛮不错。


    刁蛮公主,it is funny and famous.i think u will like it.and i am watching the vampire diaries,did u watch it ?


    西游记Journey to the west


    i think you can watch 鲁豫有约

    What about A BITE OF CHINA !

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