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Hong Kong or Xiang Gang?

Years ago my chinese teacher of that time told me that there is a different name for the city of Hong Kong which is known as Xiang Gang. Unfortunately I cannot write the characters but I hope you know what I mean.

My teacher told me that the normal chinese do not use the name Hong Kong and some even do not know what I mean if I would use the name Hong Kong. Instead she told me to use the name Xiang Gang.

I wondered such a long time already and now want to be sure. How do the chinese call this city by name? Hong Kong or Xiang Gang? And why this city got these two totally different names? Is Xiang Gang maybe mandarin and Hong Kong cantonese?

Thank you very much!

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    Xiang Gang is mandarin. We always use it. Therefore, some people who don't speak English( generally) don't know Hong Kong.
    You can use both ways. It depends on who you are talking with. If you are taking with mainland people, Xiang Gang maybe better, because everyone knows Xiang Gang in China.

    I think the name Hong Kong comes from the Cantonese pronunciation of Xiang Gang.
    So just like Carina said. It would be better to use Xiang Gang in formal occasions when you talk to people who speak Mandarin.

    Let's say in this way, if you're talking to a Mandarin speaker, it'll be better to say "Xiang Gang", but if you want to write it in an article or a letter, definitely you should use Hong Kong(in English) as is is the official name in English.
    And "Hong Kong" is more like the English pronunciation which is quite close to Cantonese pronunciation("Hong Kong" is nothing to do with "Cantonese pinyin"). If you want to talk to people in Hong Kong, better use "Hong Kong" instead of "Xiang Gang", we understand both tho.

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