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ننه من غريبم بازي در آوردن يعني چه؟

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    means...pile on the agony .................. ننه من غریبم در اوردن


    تظاهر به ناراحتي و درد و زجر كشيدن

    توضیح کلمه به کلمه ی اون میشه گفتن "من غریبم" به کسی
    یعنی "مظلوم نمایی کردن" یا " تظاهر کردن به ناله و درد و در سختی بودن " ا

    The idiom ننه من غریبم بازی در آوردن almost has the following connotations:

    -to keep whining and protesting over a small problem and try to make it seem like a big injustice;
    -to always try to make oneself seem like a victim of oppression in a loud/exaggerated/dramatic manner;
    -to try to gain the pity of other people for every small problem that happens to you;

    it kinda means something like making a lame excuse.

    try to show that somebody is bored but it was not real.

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