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how to improve english?

i major in english,but i can not speak english well.what should i do?

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    Just my opinion based on experiences: I suggest you...

    1) LISTEN: Watch some English speaking TV shows or movies, also listen to music with English lyrics. This will help you greatly familiarize and adapt to the sound of the language.
    2) READ: Immerse yourself in any English book or advertisement or blog or even facebook status online. This will help with your pronunciation, sentence structure and vocabulary.
    3) SPEAK: Communicate in pure English. Though at first you might sound like you're butchering the language, it's OK, because the best and fastest way to learn a language is through communication. This will practice both your mind and mouth in understanding, formulating and speaking the language.
    4} PRACTICE: Even if you're already good at the language, don't forget to constantly practice! This is to prevent you from forgetting the language, and to help you achieve perfection in speaking it ;)

    ...well I hope this helps :) good luck


    Of course practice is the best way to improve. Some ways to practice:
    - Get your favorite book in English and read the passages out loud as if you were acting them out in a movie.
    - When you study learn phrases and sentences not just the vocabulary words. Don't be worried about grammar understanding.
    - Make friends with other English learners and teachers on social media such as google+, twitter and italki.
    - Also be patient and consistent with the amount of practice you do. Speaking a foreign language is like learning to play an instrument, time and routine are your best friends.

    I'm sure you've heard all this before so I hope it's a good reminder. Good luck!

    Read more... even though you struggle.. and its a good thing if you can speak in english with someone else (friend, family, relatives or even teachers or lecturers) so you get an experience. And also Listen to more english and try to speak and improve your accent ... as i am also an asian.. we have a strong accent i believe .. so we really need to concentrate on our accent so we make sense ..


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