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Does only my italki so slow?

This is a great site, but it is so sloooow. It isn't depends from my internet connection and speed! So, what's problem? This is make me sad every my visit.

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    Your topic : Is itaki slow only for me ?

    Your paragraph : " This is a great Website , Bit It is so Sloooow ( of course it's " Slow " but it's good that you are showing emotion in your words ) . It isn't related to my internet connection or speed! So what's the problem ? This make's me sad on each of my visits. "

    Your answer : The speed is related to the country that you are living in and because italki is a newly published website so it takes time for them to improve the bugs and problems of the website . So lets enjoy the time and wait for it to be fixed ;-)

    Good luck

    SInce the other responder had errors in their own correction, I'm going to post so you don't pick up wrong information.

    Topic: "Is italki only slow for me?" ("slow only..." works, but it's sort of weird)

    Paragraph: "This is a great site, but it is so sloooow. It isn't related to my internet connection or speed! So what's the problem? This makes me sad whenever I visit."

    Their answer, however, was somewhat accurate. It is quite possible that it's simply due to your geographical location. However, italki has been around for a pretty long time; I'd reckon that the other reason (because it's frequently slow for me as well) is that they have a lot of server load due to the high number of users and a lot of recent site changes. Like Chris said, you'll just have to give them a bit of time.

    I personally recommend just finding language exchange partners and talking to them on Skype; that way you don't have to worry about this site being slow or not!

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Sam, i'm community manager and support staff at italki.

    We apologize if we haven't been able to respond individually to all of you. We get over 350 support requests per day. We do our best to read all of them and take what you're saying into consideration.

    We also apologize for any inconvenience the new changes have caused.

    Please be patient and bare with us, we're taking all of your feedback on board and the new version of the site is very transitional, so new features will be coming and going on a very constant basis.

    If you have a bug to report, we are currently running a contest on facebook.

    The two users who report the most bugs via facebook in the next 72 hours will earn $20usd of ITC.

    If you would like to discuss the matter in depth, my email is or you can message me through italki.
    We hope this helps and we appreciate your patience and continued support.


    Sam Bleakly
    italki Community Manager

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