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What can I do?!

Hi everybody.

I'm so sorry that my question is not about language, but it's really important in my Korean learning process! ( I hope my question won't be removed!! )

Till last week, my browsers used to display Korean characters perfectly, but I don't know what happened that now, Korean characters are displayed as squares with tiny numbers and letters.

I've changed encodings, I've downloaded fonts but unfortunately none of them worked. So I'm hopeless.

I'm sure that it's not a problem with my windows, 'cuz Korean file names are displayed correctly in my PC. All the problem is browsers! None of them ( Mozilla, Chrome, Explorer ) display Korean characters.

Please help me if you can!

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    You said that you changed encodings, how did you do that? Your OS and browser's encoding settings are separate I believe. Could you check that your browser is set to UTF-8? I switched that in chrome and I saw the same boxes and strange characters as you are seeing now I think. In chrome there's an option to check your encoding right under the tools menu.

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