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Video for my workshop

Friend of italki:

I must do a workshop this week in my classroom and I chose the following video to explain to my classmates:

It is funny but I notice that I cannot understand all sentences that she says, could you help me please?

I think that I understand:

1. "I want a man"
2. "Who is really really good-looking"
3. ____________________________
4. "Who ___ like really hilarious sense of humor"
5. "But he can be like really really serious when I say"
6. __________________ job, maybe interesting"
7. "But he should be motivated by money, at all"
8. "And he should be really spontaneous when it come to presents"
9. "__________ maybe stuff that I like wanted _________"
10. _________________________
11. "But really really gentle"
12. "and ______________ a quite large p......"
13. "He shouldn't feel that he has all of them, all of the time"
14. "He's got to be able to fly"

Thanks a lot !!

For learning: English
Base language: English
Category: Culture



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    I want a man who is really, really good-looking, but who, like, doesn't know it at all. Um, who has, like, a really hilarious sense of humor, but he can be, like, really, really serious when I say, "Uh, you should have a high-powered job... Maybe in the city."

    But he shouldn't be motivated by money... At all. And he should be, like, really spontaneous, um, when it comes to presents, but it should mainly be stuff that I, like, wanted already. And he should be really, really tough but really, really gentle. And he should have quite a large penis, but he shouldn't feel that he has to use all of it all of the time.

    ...And he's got to be able to fly.

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