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Ist Rammstein populär in Deutschland?

Ist Rammstein populär in Deutschland?


My German is poor , I like listening to rock music and Rammstein is one of my favorite metal band.
I really like their performance style and poetic lyrics ( for the purpose of understanding their lyrics, I learned a little German (I can read a little but can hardly write and speak). Now I can understand the general meaning of their lyrics with the help of a English translation and a German dictionary.)
I saw a video on internet , it's a German version of the TV program "America's Got Talent". I saw two performance are about compititors mocking Till ,the vocalist of Rammstein.
The Chinese version of The America's got Talent( China's got talent) was very popular not long before.

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问题补充:And if I wanna express the content above( the text written in English) in German, how to write it?

Please tell me. THX !

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