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How do you say these following subjects in Japanese?

Please help me! Thanks!
-Language and Communication
-History, Geography and Social Sciences
-Musical Arts
-Technological Education
-Physical Eduaction
-Expression and Recreation
-Personal Development
-Religious Education

For learning: Japanese
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    -Mathematics 数学(すうがく) / en el colegio se dice 算数(さんすう)
    -Language 言語学(げんごがく)
    -Communication 情報伝達(じょうほうでんたつ) sorry, I'm not sure.
    -Physics 物理(ぶつり)
    -Biology 生物(せいぶつ)
    -Chemistry 化学(かがく) *Science 科学(かがく)
    -History 歴史(れきし)
    -Geography 地理(ちり)
    -Social Sciences 社会科学(しゃかいかがく) / 社会(しゃかい)
    -English 英語(えいご)
    -Musical Arts 芸術音楽(げいじゅつおんがく)/ 音楽(おんがく)
    -Technological Education 技術(ぎじゅつ) sorry, I'm not sure
    -Physical Eduaction 体育(たいいく)
    -Recreation レクリエーション
    -Personal Development
    -Religious Education 宗教(しゅうきょう)

    Though I understand these English, I don't know how to say some of the subjects in Japanese. So sorry, and hope you get the complete answer.

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