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What are some fun things or slang words to say in Vietnamese?

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    " chém gió " means joke
    usage : mày chém gió à means are you kiding
    only the young use it

    having many slang words. The young is used to say them.

    Ex: - "chán như con gián": it means "bored". If you translate it word by word or use googletraslate, you have "bored as cockroaches". Actually, a cockroach - "con gián" and boring - "chán" are not related in meaning. However, in this case, Vietnamese is used to repeat rhyme "an" betweet "chán" and "gián" to make intonation. This make listener easily to remember a sentence. The repeat rhyme is especially used in poems. - "Buồn như con chuồn chuồn" is same meaning to "chán như con gián". Rhyme "uồn" is repeated. "Buồn" - "sad" is not related to "chuồn chuồn" - "daragonfly" in meaning. - The continuous expanding and development of Vietnamese slang is similar to English slang nowadays.

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