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What does the slang in Taiwanese mean, "You are so motorbike" and why does it mean that?

Do you also know some fun slang that young people in Taiwan use

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    Ha, good question!
    'You are so motorbike (你很機車)' means 'You are so naughty / mean / etc.'

    Long time ago, I did do some research about the origin out of curiosity. Supposing the information is correct, it is originally referring to 雞巴 (pronounced: ji ba) which means 'cock / penis' yet being said 機車 (pronounced: ji che) to sound less gross. It's like in English, shoot for shit, for the same reason.

    It's very very very very common among close friends--it never makes you feel offended when being said to by your close friends and vice versa.

    PS What I just wrote here does not represent me. I am just here trying to be of little help ;-)

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