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What do Taiwanese people think of Southeast Asians? Like Vietnamese, Thai and Filippinos?

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    To me, Vietnamese are aggressive, hardworking and smart. You know they beat China and USA in their history right? They are really tough! In addition, many of them I know speak Mandarin Chinese very well (it's very alike words-wise and phrases-wise between these two languages by the way) and they play the biggest role among Southeast Asians with regards to population in Taiwan. Often seen in the (food) service industry here or studying here.

    Filippinos, to me, are like another version of Jewish diaspora, so are Hakkas and Tamils. They speak good English and have a good global perspective. Often seen in the church.

    Then Thai people, the only one listed here seems to be exotic to me, because of their non-Romanised writing scripts I guess? Often seen in Taoyuan (where the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is located) and its vicinity as labours. By the way, there is a famous Thai actor named Tae who started his early career in Taiwan.

    These are only my own opinions. I am biased just like anyone else.
    Try and get some more ideas from other Taiwanese especially for questions like this.
    Hope I helped.

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