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When used alone. What does the word 'KITA' mean??

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    In tagalog kita could mean a verb which mean see or it could also be a pronoun kita mean you. for sample- Kita kita kanina meaning seen you lately.

    In bisaya kita means we.

    In tagalog, in can mean a noun that means "income".
    Magkano ang kita natin ngayon? = How much is our income today?

    And it could also mean "see" or "meet".
    Nagkita kami kanina ni ate. = I met sister a while ago.

    Plus, it can mean a pronoun that means "you". But I think its more like "you are my...."
    Mahal kita = I love you (Here it kinda means "you")
    Kaibigan kita. = You are my friend. (But here,it kinda means "you are my....")

    Oh and all the three words have different pronunciations.
    Hope that helped!

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