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어떻게 '는지/ㄴ지' 란 문법이 쓰는거예요?

Sorry if I butchered the Korean sentence above, but I need to know how to use 는지.
Like in this sentence:
어디 가서 나처럼 널 자랑하는지/ Do you show me off wherever you go like I do?
It seems as if it's some sort of question ending. I think it's a little contraction for ㄴ지 + 알다/물다/모르다. Or does it mean something like: I wonder...
Am I right?

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    means 'whether' or 'if' here.
    I am not sure if you love me.
    He asked me whether I liked her.
    Yes, you are right, you know it correctly.

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