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talking about عقد

it kind of confuse mean it mean
necklace and the contract ?

how to distitnguish it ?


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    The word [عقد] has several meanings, each one depends on the context:
    عقد: necklace
    I bought a golden necklace for my wife. اشتريت عقدًا ذهبيًا لزوجتي
    عقد: contract
    Our contract with the BBC expires next year. ينتهي تعاقدنا [عقدنا] مع البي بي سي العام القادم
    عقد: decade
    Prices have risen sharply in the last decade. ارتفعت الأسعار بشدة خلال العقد الأخير
    عقد أو اجتمع: convene [verb]
    A panel of experts was convened to study safety issues.

    If you are still confused, please feed me back.

    The meaning of the word depends on التشكيل for example:
    عَقْدْ بفتح العين means contract
    while عُقْدْ بضم العين means necklace
    while عِقد بكسر العين means a decade

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