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How do Russian women like to dress? What are some typical Russian fashion trends?

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    You know it's difficult to answer but. We have in Russia the same shops that you have in USA. It's Zara, H&M, Mexx, Mango, Karen Milen, Oasis, Bebe, Kelvin Clain and a lot of other (include premium class shops). We try to dress up like it's fashion in season. You know...i think all gilrs in Russia like heels a lot. Even on journey and or when we abroad we put up heels=))) If you will be on the beach somewhere and will see girl on the heels - it's russian for sure=). We always try to dress very glamourous. Even if it is not very appropriate.
    Fashion in Russia.... For example in Russia last summer was fashion to dressed up such way

    It is my favourite clothing store.
    But all people have different tastes.

    I would say that in general, women tend to dress up more than, say, in America. We like feminine styles, we like our clothing items well-ironed, we wear high heels even though the pavements we have to walk in many towns are terrible. Many women wear make-up even when they simply go shopping.

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