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How to understand this sentence?


Maybe if things had happened a little differently in Al Tafar it could have been like that. But things happened the way they happened without regard to our desire for them to have happened another way. Despite an age-old instinct to provide an explanation more complex than that, something with a level of profundity and depth which would seem commensurate with the confusion I felt, it really was that simple.
Murph himself had told me that, as we stood over a field of worn and pale bodies scattered in the sun like driftwood. “If it ain’t against the rules, it’s mandatory,” he’d muttered, mostly under his breath.
How to understand this sentence: “If it ain’t against the rules, it’s mandatory”?

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    "Ain't" is a colloquial version of "isn't". Mandatory means "must be done".
    So - the sentence means that there are no options. Something is either against the rules (must not be done) or mandatory (must be done).

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