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if "boiling egg" is 삶은 계란, what abt "fried egg"?

i think 부치는 계란. 제가 한말 맞아요?

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    I think Korean people long ago didn't cook 'fried egg' so we don't have such a dish. We borrowed some words from several languages such as English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese etc.
    Fried egg - 계란 후라이/달걀 후라이/ 계랸 프라이/달걀 프라이 (We pronounce f sound and p sound in the same way)
    More examples are here.
    버스 bus 택시 taxi 레코드(음반) record 라디오 radio
    컴퓨터 computer 가라오케(노래방) karaoke ...

    달걀 프라

    SORRY I MEAN'T 달걀 프라이

    I think she meant the scrambled egg or sunny side up...

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