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what's the difference between 뽑아버렸어요,당겼어요, 찢어버렸어요, and 땡겼어요?

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    Sometimes -버렸어요 can be used to express speaker's feeling relief.
    뽑아버렸어요 = 뽑다 + 버리었(past)어요 - to take(pull/draw) out something.
    당겼어요 = 당기다(to pull;draw, drag, etc) + 었(past)어요.
    찝어버렸어요 = 찢다(to tear) + 버렸어요

    Here are the copy of "뽑다' from my Korean-English Dictionary
    ① 『빼다』 take [draw, pull, pluck] out; extract; root up 「a tree」. ② 『근절하다』 eradicate; root 「a thing」 out. ⇨ 뿌리뽑다. ③ 『선발‧선거하다』 pick [single] out; select; elect (투표로). ④ 『모집하다』 enlist; enroll; 『지원자 등을』 invite; collect; raise. ⑤ 『본전을』 recover. ⑥ 『실 등을』 spin; draw.
    ① 『끌다』 pull; draw; drag; tug; haul; jerk.
    ② 『켕기다』 stretch 「a rope」 tight; strain; tighten 「a rope」. ③ 『기일을』 make earlier; advance; move (a date) up [forward]. ⇨ 앞당기다. ④ 『불을』 light up; fire up. ⑤ 『마음이』 be attracted; be moved 「by」.

    tear; rend; rip.
    ┈┈• 입장권을 둘로 ∼ tear an admission ticket in two
    ┈┈• 편지를 갈기갈기 ∼ tear a letter to pieces
    ┈┈• 공책을 한 장 찢어 내다 tear off a sheet from a notebook
    ┈┈• 자루를 찢어서 열다 rip a bag open
    ┈┈• 찢어 죽이다 tear 「a person」 limb from limb
    ┈┈• 그는 손수건을 찢어 상처를 감았다 He tore off his handkerchief and bandaged the bruise.

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