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how can i use *~na keno...*

ex; jekon shomosha [???] na keno,ami shomadhan korte pari/
[???]jaygay hoy thake na ki houk?

ex; amar ghore jekeu [???] na keno ami khushi/
[???]jaygay [ashe] thake na ki [ashuk]?

ex; ami oshushto [hoi ba na hoi] oboshoi ami agamikal tomar kache ashbo!
[hoi ba na hoi ]is it ok? or [hobo ba na hobo]?

pls teach me* (^-^)

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    Ex:1-> jekono shomossha [houk] na keno,ami shomadhan korte pari.
    2-> amar ghore jekeu [ashuk] na keno, ami khushi (hoi হই).
    3-> ami oshushtho [hoi ba na hoi], obosshoi ami agamikal tomar kachhe ashbo! (<ーぴったりですよ!)

    わかりますか先生? ^_^

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