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I don't understand the difference between "どこも (dokomo)" and "どこまでも (dokomademo)" nor the difference between "いつも (itsumo)" and "いつまでも (itsumademo)".
I don't remember other words with that structure right now, but if any, please tell me their difference.

Can anyone explain it to me?

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    I would recognize them like below.

    どこも = nowhere (ps: どこでも = everywhere)
    この時間だと(お店は)どこも開いていない -> Nowhere is (no shops are) opening in this hour.

    どこまでも= endlessly (physically)
    この道はどこまでも続く (This road is endlessly long)

    いつも = everytime/always
    いつもありがとう (thank you every time)

    いつまでも= endlessly (time)
    いつまでも私の事を忘れないで (Don't forget about me forever)

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