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Ted has been worried all the week. Ted has worried all the week. Which is right?


I know present perfect tence is has/have +past participles. Worry can be used as a verb. Worried can be used as a past participle as well as an adj. So I think both sentences are right? What do you think?

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    Both the verbs are right, but you can't say "all the week". You have to say "all week"
    They have a slightly different meaning- first one is passive voice and second one is active voice, first one is more of a worried state while the second one makes it clear that Ted has been actively worrying. I would normally used the first one, but the second one is good too.

    Both are fine, but as the other answer already said, it should be "all week" (not "all the week"). Or at least, that is what we would say in the U.S. It's possible that "all the week" is British but I don't remember any of my British friends saying that.

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