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underfoot, scoop, trustee, ect,

I'm reading John Grisham's "The Chamber", having difficulties in understanding the following and can not find relevant answers in a dictionary.
1. On both sides were neat white frame houses where prison guards and other employees lived with their families. Two trustees in blue prison pants with white stripes down the legs swept the front steps.
question: trustees?
2. It occurred to Adam that perhaps the guards and their administrators didn't want the lawyers underfoot and poking around.
question: underfoot?
3. She'll give you a key, give you the scoop on parking, security, phones copiers, the works.
question: scoop?
4. From distance, we saw barbed wire and razor wire,
any difference between barbed wire and razor wire?
thank you for your help

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    1. "Trustees" are prisoners who are "trusted" with a little bit of extra freedom in exchange for doing unpaid work (or barely paid). These prisoners are doing cleaning work outside the prison guards' houses. They are trusted to not stray from where they are supposed to be.

    2. "Underfoot" is a common metaphor that just means in the way. If something was literally underfoot,it would trip you or otherwise stop you from moving around. Someone is said to be "underfoot" when their presence is preventing you from getting your work done.

    3. "Give the scoop on" means about the same as "tell some insider-information about." She is telling the person things about parking, security, etc that wouldn't be obvious to someone who was new to the facility. Tricks to make dealing with these things easier, etc.

    4. Barbed wire has sharp points made of pieces of intertwined wire. Razor wire has long, sharp edges sticking out from the wire, and is usually made of stronger material.

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