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how to be confident?

I have a little inferiority~

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    you don't have to be shy or feeling inferior here
    people here just for learning more language skill
    you my get something valuable from learning different aspects of culture
    don't be unecessary humble here

    open you mind and learn to relax your fist
    then you can grab more unthinkable

    Just say to yourself: I want to succeed, I can succeed, I will succeed!

    The most crucial component of confidence is exprerience. And for experience to grow all you need is to let time add to it unobstructed, as for a plant that grows in a pot. Time will add to your experience and your experience will also shine in your confidence. You can hurry many things in your life, but not experience. That will grow by itself if you have principle in your decisions. Consider lack of confidence as a privilege in your youthfulness.

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