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what is the meaning of these words ?

Can you explain me please these words ?
1- 적당한 수면
3- 자극적이다

Thank you ^^

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    적당한 - suitable; proper; befitting; appropriate; adequate
    수면 - sleep
    적당한 수면 = 적당 + 수면
    편식(하다) - an unbalanced diet, to eat only what I/you/we/he/she/they like(s)
    자극적(이다) - There are quite lots of expressions for various kinds of situations.
    - exciting; thrilling; sensational
    - stimulative; irritant; incentive; pungent
    But you mean in this question, that should be
    "음식이 자극적이다' - too spicy
    자극적 means usually something too much or too many to bear tickling you
    Hope it will help.

    1- 적당한 수면a proper amount of sleep
    2- 편식 unbalanced diet
    3- 자극적이다
    (1) be pungent (smell or tast)
    (2) be provocative (description , comment )

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