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someone said forget about A B C in chinese language i don't understand

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    In Chinse, we have pinyin using A,B,C and so on, but they are pronounced differently and there is a total different phonetic system in Chinese compared with English.

    Perhaps they mean that chinese doesn't have a readable alphabet, but rather one must memorize entire characters and their pronunciations.

    what is A B C?

    they just want to explain they have forgotten chinese spelling alphabet that they had learned in childhood

    there's no ABC in Chinese language
    only in phonetic transcription called "pinyin"

    Maybe they suggest that you skip pinyin, the Chinese phonetic symbol , and learn the character directly. I think it can work .You can learn the pronunciation from mp3 or your teachers. You know that pinyin was just invented about 60 years ago.Before that ,Kids didn't learn pinyin at all when they start their Chinese study. But we live in a world of computers now. If you want to write on your computer,pinyin is an easier and more convinient input method than any others. If you don't want to input charaters on computer, you may ignore pinyin.

    to read chinese, we use pin'in, though it's formed from A B C but it pronounce in a chinese way--pin in, so forget about the english way when learning chinese

    maybe they mean you should forget English,but...just maybe.Actually there is something in Chinese called "pinyin拼音",and you should use a,b, well.however,the pronounciation is different from A,B,C in English.

    a.b.c of china is the baiss for his statement..

    when i reach your question, all i can think is “别管三七二十一".that means do not make things more complicated than they really are . lol~~~

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