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What's the meaning of this sentence?

He put his finger into my chest and then into his. “We know. Me and you. Like we’re married. Don’t you forget. I’ve fucking got you, Private Bartle. UC motherfucking MJ, anytime I want. You see this?”
What's the meaning of this sentence: UC motherfucking MJ?

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    It's not completely clear, but based on the military context ("Private Bartle"), I would guess that he's talking about the Uniform Code of Military Justice, UCMJ.

    You can put "fucking" or "motherfucking" (strong curse words, obviously) in the middle of a phrase for extremely strong emphasis — but sometimes also in the middle of a word. For example:

    This is un-fucking-believable. (unbelievable)

    Of course she's smart — she goes to Stanford Fucking University!

    That is fan-fucking-tastic. (fantastic)

    So I'm guessing that "UCMJ" has been split into "UC motherfucking MJ" for strong, crude emphasis. But that is only my guess.

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