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He ____ looked forward to the new venture.

A.) with great eagerness
B.) eagerly
C.) eagernessly
D.) in a state of increasing eagerness

Note: B.) is an obvious correct choice but what's wrong with A.) and B.) ?

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    For (A), you need to say it as:
    He looked forward to the new venture with great eagerness.
    Same problem with (D).

    (B) is correct and (C) doesn't work at all.

    "With great eagerness" would be better at the end of the sentence instead of after He. You can say He, with great eagerness, looked forward to the venture - but that would be too long and complicated. It would be much simpler and direct to just say, He eagerly looked forward to the venture. I would choose eagerly to keep it short and simple and easier to understand.

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