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Hello, I have a question about a sentence.

스무 살이라는 나이 차만으로 그들은 별종으로 불릴 만하다. 최의 말에 의하면 그 별종들은 그녀들과는 달라 개나 고양이로는 위안을 삼지 못한다고 했다. what does it mean? I get some parts but It's a little difficult ㅠㅠ

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    This is really weird out of context...

    They can easily be called "different/oddballs" at the age of 20 (18). In the best of words, those guys are different from the girls, as they take no comfort from dogs and cats.

    Twenty years of age difference was even enough to make them called 'odd people'. According to Mr. Choi, the odd people(they) were so different from the girls(them) that they couldn't get comforted from dogs and cats.

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