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What's the meaning of "hold" in the last sentence?


He drained the last of the liquor from his bottle, tipping it up slowly above his head. I watched his Adam’s apple move the clear liquor down his throat. When he finished, he threw the bottle against the wall above the bargirl’s head. It did not shatter. The thick glass held and it made a sharp thwack against the wall and fell.
What's the meaning of "hold" in the last sentence? Does it mean the bottle was thick enough to bear the crash?

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    The verb "to hold" has many meanings. One of the meanings is, "to withstand injury, pressure, stress, and attack, or opposition." Here the author is saying that even though the glass was thrown against the wall, the glass resisted breaking from the impact. The glass held.

    Here are two more examples: In a football (soccer) game, one team has a great offense. But the defense of the other team was able to hold. This means that the defense was able to resist the pressure of the attacks of the other team's offense.

    Two armies face each other. One army attacks the line of the other army. The line holds. That is, the line resists the attack of the attacking army. Or maybe the line doesn't hold, and the attacking army gets through the line.

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