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What does he mean? could tell what?


“No one gives a fuck about Murph,” he said. When he reached the fricative in Murph’s name, he began to laugh. I could feel his breath on my lips. As he talked, his eyes flashed a little and the color of them seemed to wash out and deaden. “Everybody else, man, they don’t want to know. If they wanted to, they would, right? It’s not like he’s the only bullshit KIA with bullshit medals and a bullshit story for his mother?” He drained the last of the liquor from his bottle, tipping it up slowly above his head. I watched his Adam’s apple move the clear liquor down his throat. When he finished, he threw the bottle against the wall above the bargirl’s head. It did not shatter. The thick glass held and it made a sharp thwack against the wall and fell.
“We could tell,” I said. “Just get the whole thing over with.”
In the last sentence, what does "I" mean? could tell what?

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    Here's my guess based on the paragraph only, and not having read the whole book or chapter. Apparently Murph was killed in action. The story that people believe is that Murph was KIA (killed in action). However, the paragraph creates the impression that the generally believed story about how Murph was killed is not true. The person who was mostly listening ("I") finally says something: "'We could tell,'" I said." I think it means that the person who said that, and the person who he is talking with, could tell the truth about how Murph died.

    I may be completely wrong, but that's the way it looks to me.

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