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Trip to Seoul, Korea. Is it a reality, or just another dream? TT___TT

My friend and I planned to go to Seoul on next year on 23rd January 2014 - 28th January 2014 (it's winter I guess during this time). We've done a lot of research on our budgets, where to stay and places to go and we're so excited about it. BUT unfortunately,there's one big problem that really makes me stress about it. My friend's father won't let us go there for only two of us if there's no guy accompanying us. To find some of our guy friends to accompany us is quite difficult since a lot of them doesn't have the budget to go there and some doesn't have the interest to travel overseas. 나 어떡해? :'(

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    Better find the nearest office to hire a guy tourist guide. You'll have a guy that will accompany you, at the same time, you'll have the information you need to know about SEOUL <3

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