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    「ちょっと」 and 「少し」 have the same meaning. Literally, they mean '' a little. '' The difference between them is that we can use 「少し」 to everybody, like to your seniors or to your juniors in any situations and it sounds a bit formal while 「ちょっと」 sounds more colloquial and so we tend to use 「ちょっと」 rather than 「少し」 in the conversation with your friends or juniors. So I think it may be better for you to use 「少し」 than 「ちょっと」 when you talk with your seniors, like a president or a headmaster.

    mean; ちょっと=少し (^-^)

    少し(more formaly for me) use to custmer, teacer,shops,...

    ちょっと(more friendly and good to comversation) friends,family,any people on the street
    (i am sory ...i am japanese but i can english a little*)

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