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i am afraid to make mistakes

who can helps me to overcom

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    It does not matter if you speak right or not, so long as they can understand you. I`ve been working with Americans for quite some time - and although my English is far from perfect, and some of my Russian colleagues barely spoke English at all, and there also were Spanish and Japanese folk, it all worked quite well, and everyone felt fine. Unless you work on TV or something, no one really cares if you make mistakes or not - they only need to get the idea of what you`re talking about. And that`s it. So stop worrying and enjoy :)

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with making mistakes. That's just how we learn. If you make a mistake and get corrected, you get better. That's how we learn. Language is not a skill, its a tool. If you can understand what you are saying, we're good to go. Unless you're write, in which case we have translators.


    Making mistakes is how you learn. The biggest mistake is to avoid making mistakes. Sometimes you'll never know that it's a mistake until you make it. Then you can learn how to do it properly.

    "I am afraid of making mistakes. Who can help me overcome this fear?"

    Sooo... just start making them.

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