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Hello : -) can I translate the sentence "we must write us" so "we have to write us" ?

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    "Must" and "have to" carry the same meaning in english, so the two sentences are the same.


    Neither of those sentences make sense, unless you actually mean you (as a group) are obliged to write the word "us".

    It's a bad idea to assume "must" and "have to" are the same. Victoria has given a couple of good examples as to why.


    We use reflexive pronouns when the subject and the object of a verb are the same person (except with the verbs wash, shave, feel, concentrate and relax.)

    Your sentences should be written with reflexive pronouns and it would be better to use the preposition "to" in order to avoid misunderstanding.

    ourselves - reflexive pronoun
    -We must write to ourselves.
    -We have to write to ourselves.

    ourselves - intensive pronoun used to emphasize the subject.
    We ourselves must write. - or- We must write ourselves.
    We ourselves have to write. -or- We have to write ourselves.

    In American English these sentences have the same meaning. "Have to" is more common in America than "must".

    In British English "must" is used to talk about what the speaker or listener wants. "Have to" is used when talking about laws and rules and what other people want us to do.

    I must see the dentist about this tooth.
    I have to obey the traffic laws.

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