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What is the difference?

I have some difficulties with passive voice.Could you please help me.Thank you.
* He dead.
* He is dead.

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    I'm sorry, but neither of these sentences are passive. "Dead" is an adjective, same as tall, fat, short, rich, happy, etc. "He is dead" is correct but "He dead" is 100% wrong.

    The passive is: subject + be + past participle
    Example: iPhones are made in China.

    You can't use some verbs in passive sentences. If a verb is 'intransitive' (a verb that cannot have an object), it can't be passive. Verbs such as die, arrive, go, live, happen, and become are intransitive and you cannot use them in passive form.

    "He dead" doesn't actually mean anything, so I guess there is no real difference.


    Hello Ali. "He is dead" is the only correct expression here. You could also say: "He has died". Each of these sentences (usually) describes an event that occurred recently. I hope this helps.

    Passive voice: "He was killed [by someone]"

    you can't use the verb "to die" in a passive sense, because it's not something that someone else can do to someone.

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