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Which of these sentences is the correct one? 我住在罗马, 我生活在罗马, 我在罗马住

I think the last one is ok but I'm not sure about the first two! Thank you a lot!

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    all correct!
    good job


    we always say 我住在罗马 for it's more popular

    我住在罗马, 我生活在罗马, 我在罗马住
    All of these sentences are correct, but the first two are formal, and the last is informal.

    Every one is correct!!!!!!


    They all make sense if we don't pick holes from the second and third one. The second and third one sound a bit Anglicised chinese though... We would like to say 我在罗马生活,我住在罗马。

    number one 我 住 在 罗马
    can be 我 在 罗马 生活
    never met 我 在 罗马 住

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